After hearing two of my friends mention they are planning to leave more spaces in their days and then opening my book, Sanctuary of Peace, to a poem about “creating spaces for peace,” I ditched the blog I was writing, realizing this topic of spaces is where my heart and the universe have guided me.  As if I had not had enough encouragement to switch topics, earlier in the week, I wrote this note to myself:

Spaces are the places

where we


Unplanned, unscheduled, unorganized time allows us space for discovery and creativity.  It gifts us a canvas on which to create and unveil that which we came to be.  We expect children to need free play, free time in which to explore, experiment and learn.  Why is it we assume we don’t need such freedom, such spaces in our days as well?  I suspect when we took on the mantle of adulthood, we decided we “should” be serious and productive. 

As peace seekers, it is time to cast off our seriousness, our rules and expectations and allow ourselves some freedom and space in our days in which to envision and blossom into that which we are becoming.  Since most of us have a variety of responsibilities, it’s fortunate that we don’t necessarily need hours of unscheduled time; 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes of gazing at a flame, bird, photo, cloud, etc. can pull us away from our minds with their potential for judgments and gently guide us into the wisdom, freedom, and nurturing of our hearts. 

I chose a photo of the moon on a dark night to go with this post because of its vagueness and undefined spaciousness.  It offers spaces in which anything might appear or come forth.  Looking at it, I feel unlimited, unfettered, inspired and encouraged by its light to wait for what my heart might wish to reveal. 

May we sprinkle our days with spaces for breathing, for being, for reflection, for meditation, for listening to our inner wisdom and revel in the joy and peace we have allowed ourselves.  

Reflection: As I mentioned earlier, when both Diane and Joan said they were committed to adding more spaces in their days, I was intrigued and inspired to ponder such a shift for myself. 

Remembering back to my busiest days when I was a single parent, working and going to night school and often feeling stretched, very stretched, I made a commitment to myself to take whatever snippets of time “appeared” in my day and use them for meditation.  Sometimes I would arrive on campus with 1 or 2 minutes before I had to be in the classroom and I would sit in my car and meditate.  Other times, I might have been 5 minutes early to pick up Christian and Kirsten after swim practice and I would sit, breathe and stare at the clouds, feeling my connection to all that is.

My days are different now that I am retired, but still quite full and my commitment to making time for meditation has never wavered.  However, I have a tendency to fill every moment.  As I have thought about it, some of it stems from my age and willingness to push.  At 77 I feel compelled to pack in as much as possible, wanting to finish three more books, wanting to promote peace, to help Tillandsia utriculata survive, to assist in healing, and to being of service to and enjoy my time with family, friends, and neighbors.  Excuses are excuses and do nothing but sidestep issues.  I am pleased to stop sidestepping and realize quality is always more important than quantity.  That’s what spaces do, they give us places in which the unknown, the unthought, the new can be born.  Spaces are truly sanctuaries of peace.  May my new commitment to spaces bring greater peace to me and all I meet.

Your turn to reflect – Might you benefit from adding a few spaces in your days?  How might you do this?  Notice how you feel after claiming a space for you.  Was it worthwhile? 


Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth by nurturing peace in your heart, in your life.  The more that you embody peace, the more peace there is.


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Jean Victor Balin Dove




is when time

doesn't matter

as it passes by. 

- Maria Schell







Dark sky, moon shining through clouds

Moon shining through clouds in pitch black sky.

Photo by Donna Day




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