Introduction to Peace Nurturing Practice

Why a blog of Peace Nurturing Practices? BY DONNA DAY © 2022

 Why a blog of Peace Nurturing Practices?  Because peace can be baffling. It’s somewhat of a conundrum in that it is wished for, dreamed about, fought over and yet always present.

  • If peace is always available, how do we access it?
  • How can we be peaceful when others aren’t?
  • How can we be peaceful all the time, not just a few minutes here and there?

Peace is simple. Our minds, however, are anything but straightforward. These Peace Nurturing Practices are designed to soothe and heal our minds and hearts in order to create the conditions for peace to blossom and expand within us.

I'm always looking for ways to nurture my inner peace so started writing them in 2021. I love the impact the practices have had on my ability to sustain serenity.  Some days I do better than others, but like anything else, daily practice is what builds muscles.  Let’s visualize ourselves as wellsprings of peace and do the daily work to maintain inner peace. 

Reflection is a vital part of this process, so there is a reflection component for each Peace Nurturing Practice. 

It is my deepest heart's desire that these practices will be of value to you in building and expanding your inner peace. Day by day, we will strengthen our peace power. I plan to start with one entry a week which will allow us time to reinforce each practice by repetition during the week.  To be notified when new practices are added, subscribe to the blog mailing list below.  

Peace begins with me, with you, with each of us and spreads endlessly.  

Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth.

Jean Victor Balin Dove


the peace

you wish to see.