Readers’ Peaceful Reflections

peaceful reflections and comments from you . . .


"I find peace in listening to and watching a rainstorm blow across my pond and wind up in a rainbow."

--- Jean ---


"Thank you for this thoughtful and inspiring reflection on kindness."

--- Ruth ---


"I love that the underlying theme is not only peace, but connection."

--- Linnie ---


"Donna, this is so lovely and inspirational. Your heart is clearly felt in all the words. I look forward to the blog, words and pictures. What a gift to the world. Thank you. Love eternally, Joan" 


"I feel peace, when I stop and notice all the gifts around me."

--- Marcella ---


"Stop. Breathe. Wait. Listen. Trust."

--- Helene ---


"Thank you for increasing peace and light in the world."

--- Elizabeth ---


"There is an older woman in our little town who lost her husband many years ago. She lives very frugally and is not friendly. The town board started pushing her to have some large bushes removed that were close to the intersection by her home. Of course, she could not afford to hire anyone. My husband had spoken with her before. He volunteered to do the work with his chainsaw. He did the work in three phases. Each time, the lady smiled a little more. She could not believe someone would volunteer to help her. Now, she sits outside in the evening and waves at people passing by. Kindness opened up her heart."

--- Susan ---


"I especially like the idea of walking with a "mantra".  That substitutes for any negative tapes that might be rolling around. I find it especially helps me to say the words out loud! It helps keep me on track. It can be a low volume out loud. 🙂 Love to You! S"

--- Sheila ---


"Imagine all the people Livin' life in peace You You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one -John Lennon" 

--- Teresa ---


"When I am in my Heart I am Home. -Shireen Violett"

--- Pam ---


"Your, 'Peace is shining in me now' is especially helpful since I have been fighting off frequent infections."

--- Susan ---


"Today I choose Peace by loving what is....I allow my thoughts of discord and separation just to Be. I Breathe into my Humanities true function to Feel and know Peace within and in so doing I have released myself and Another into the freedom of choosing Peace."

--- Anne ---


"One of my favorite exercises to allow inner peace is to say to myself as I breathe in, 'I am breathing in peacefulness' and as I exhale, 'I feel peaceful now' 💖 beautiful blog Donna 💖🙏looking forward to reading more 🥰💖🙏Thank you 🙏"

--- Caroline ---


"This is a beautiful idea and it is very welcome at this point in my life. While understand things like being mindful, being grateful, and being present and peaceful, it's difficult to keep all of that that as first priority when life gets crazy and 'The Daily Grind' feels endless. I'm looking forward to this new journey with you."

--- Barbara ---


"Simply stopping , taking the time to read these reflections and reflecting on them fill me with peace. Thank you so much, Donna, for sharing your beautiful words."

--- Ruth ---


"The birds were chanting “Pretty” to Pauline today. Birds can chirp. I can smile and put my hands over my heart and breathe."

--- Albert ---


"Every cell, every fiber, and every organism has the ability to radiate love and peace. If we look deep enough, we all will find that tranquil place within ourselves. Donna's heart flows through her gently delivered words with dynamic and loving energy that has the potential to heal the world. Thank you. Namaste."

--- Diane ---


"Dear Donna, I love the topic 'Openness' you wrote about! I also learned as a child from my parents and religion, that I should not hate but judging was ok if that person didn't fit in my box of social or religious norms that I was told to follow. Now that I practice being more aware of my thoughts and actions, I try to stop, breathe, and ask myself how can I look at this differently with a more open mind? Most often I can turn it around, but sometimes my ego just doesn't want to let go! Then I try to forgive myself for not getting it right all the time! Thank you for sharing this topic."

--- Marcella ---