Being Present


Presence, our alert, aware presence offers us unlimited possibilities for peace.  Open to the moment, we delight in a child’s perspective of immediacy.  When we are fully present, we are able to receive and experience the richness of each moment; we see and feel shimmering light shiver through our bodies, we hear a bird call and connect with the singer in his joy or longing or scolding, we see and feel the undulating motion of the dolphin.

When we are present, we allow ourselves innumerable gifts and joys of experiences that are unknown and unseen when we are wrapped up in our thoughts about events of the past or fears of the future.  “Be Here Now,” as Ram Dass advocated, is one of the greatest gifts, we can give ourselves since we not only expose ourselves to experience the richness of every moment, but we allow ourselves to access peace in each unfolding instant, not as some distant goal for when we are “ready.”

There are going to be times in our lives when events and situations are not to our pleasing.  Our earlier practice of acceptance helps us recognize peace flows to us through wanting it more than an argument with reality. Our focus on being present helps us realize peace can only be ours in this moment.  It’s not a tomorrow thing as children remind us; it’s only accessible in this instant.  Freedom, joy, and peace are ours, when we simply are present without an agenda other than to be peaceful.

Life is simple when we are fully present.  Savor the blessing of this instant, it will never come again.  Perhaps you are feeling blessed by seeing a magnificent sunrise, perhaps you are feeling tender by missing someone who has left this Earth, perhaps you are feeling discomfort in your back and breathing to relieve the sensations, perhaps you are feeling delight by laughing at a story a friend just shared; the possibilities are endless, what is not endless is our time in physical bodies.  Each moment is a gift, a blessing, an opportunity to allow ourselves the peace born of being present.

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Presence produces Peace


Reflections – A few days ago, my friend Alise alerted me to a black millipede-like critter on the road where we were walking.  We stopped, bent over this 1¼ inch black, furry, being and were totally tuned into its every movement as we watched this multi-legged being slowly work its way to the side of the road.  Neither of us felt obligated to judge it as too big or too small or too quiet or too noisy, we simply observed in awe and wondered if this wee critter was able to sense when it came near the vegetation at the side of the road.  I’m not really certain that the small animal breathed a sigh of relief at reaching a more hospitable destination.  I do know that when our small friend made the edge of the pavement, we did.   Being present to our wee friend granted us connection, fascination, and peace.

As I thought about what photo to select for this post, my choice quickly became clear.  It had to be one of a Florida scrub roseling because I find this magnificent flower, to be riveting.  It captures my attention and holds it through its enchanting colors and intriguing combination of shapes.  This flower reminds me of the joy, power, and serenity of being present. May it bring you such delight and peace as well.

When I think about times when I am fully present it is usually when I am in nature or writing or playing a musical instrument or doing healing or meditating or gardening or when I set an intention that I will be peaceful during a specific event and/or time period.  When I don’t set my sights on peace, my mind is quite contented to run wild with stories and worries.  What wonderful news to know it is my choice to be present, to be peaceful.

Your turn to explore and reflect – When are you most likely to be fully present?  Are you willing to set a goal of being present and peaceful during a specific event or time period?  If so, how did it go?

Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth by nurturing peace in your heart, in your life.  The more that you embody peace, the more peace there is.

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Jean Victor Balin Dove




Peace can

only exist in the present moment.  It is ridiculous to say, 'Wait until I finish,

then I will be free to live in peace.' …If you think that way, peace will never

come.  There is always another 'this' that will follow the present one.

- Thich Nhat Hanh





Florida scrub roseling (Callisia ornate) photo taken at Carlton Reserve.




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