This week’s Peace Nurturing Practice is hope, our power born of optimism, desire, and faith. Hope gives us strength to carry on when times are challenging.  It buoys us with courage to focus on the Light despite apparent darkness.  It is a refuge and inspiration which guides us to be all that we can, to help others, and to one day actualize John Lennon’s dream: And the world will live as one.”

Spring sings of hope through new green growth and flower buds while the morning sun brings us endless possibilities of the new day dawning.  Anything that brings us out of ourselves and into the realm of joining can ignite optimism within us.  Watching an ant keep on keeping on despite all of the obstacles it encounters in navigating from one place to another reminds us of what can be done, what we can do, and can even inspire us to have faith to try again and again intrepidly. Like the ant, as we persevere, as we hold to hope, we inspire others to do the same; like laughter, smiles, and kindness, our hope is contagious. 

A photo of my favorite grass accompanies this post because it epitomizes beauty and hope to me.  I love the colors ranging from yellows to browns to oranges to reds and its luscious shapes formed as the flowers and seed heads create a panicle bending gracefully towards Mother Earth.  The first time I saw Lopsided Indian Grass was in October while hiking with my Pal Sal.  Light was shining through the grass as it is in this photo.  Never having seen such an elegant grass, I was intrigued and enchanted.  As you see in the photo, light is shining through the grass.  It’s a sight which treats me to joyous inner shivers of hope.  In its seeds, lie the promise, the hope, of more of this glorious grass to come.  Look for hope, it’s everywhere!

When I choose hope

as my companion and guide

I see a world of joy


I create

a world




Reflections – Writing about hope has been a blessing and gift for me.  Several dear friends are experiencing very challenging times, as are multitudes here in Florida, around our nation, and all over the world.  Being present to their pain and worries plus our collective pain has filled my heart with compassion mingled with tears and a commitment to hope. 

I asked myself, “What does hope look like in my life?”  For me, it’s choosing to believe our highest ideals can and will manifest.  It is choosing to know that despite some loud, angry voices proclaiming the need to hate and vilify one another, we can choose to remember we love one another.  It is choosing to remember Anne Frank’s wise words: “In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart.” 

Hope comes to me through Mother Nature with each budding leaf, each bird song, each butterfly, and her collective marvels.  I also nurture inner hope through reading.  This passage from A Course in Love buoys my heart with inspiration: “Hope is a manner of acting as if the best possible outcome you can imagine could truly occur. Hope is a willingness to accept love and the grace and cooperation that flow from love. Hope is a willingness to ask for help, believing it will come.”

My declaration of hope for our world is stated on the banner of this website: “I envision a world in which our fundamental oneness with all is so totally understood, that only peace and love are possible.” https://mypeacesanctuary.com/

Holding resolute in hope, I feel peaceful.

Your turn to reflect – What does hope look like in your life?  When, where, and how might you be more hopeful?  How do you feel when you are hopeful?

Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth by nurturing peace in your heart, in your life.  The more that you embody peace, the more peace there is.


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"Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all."

-Emily Dickinson




Lopsided Indiangrass - Sorghastrum secundum

Photo taken by Donna Day in her back yard.





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