Joy by Donna Day © 2022

Welcome to the Peace Nurturing Practice of joy.

Each day offers unlimited possibilities of delight.  As we focus our attention on seeking and being joy, we create the experience of joy within ourselves. Joy makes more of itself just as smiles multiply from a single source. It anchors us in the present moment, expands our hearts, and creates openings within us for peace. 

When I awoke this morning, my first thought was: “I wake to joy!”[1]  This waking awareness filled me with such enthusiasm for seeking and sharing joy, I grabbed a pen and started writing this practice so we could all share in the peace of  joy!

I don’t always “wake to joy,” and suspect you don’t either.  On days when we don’t, we can remind ourselves that joy is possible and begin to look closely for some bright spot in our surroundings and those around us.

Yesterday, I awoke a tad early and felt no zeal, just grogginess! I most definitely did not “wake to joy!”  I stepped outside and stood still, listening and watching.  After a few minutes, I heard a young male Cardinal serenading his would-be mate.  His song of “Cheer, cheer, cheer,” flowed from his heart and touched mine. After a while, I saw both suitor and his desired lady together.  His heartfelt serenade had worked its magic and brought these two beings together.  Whatever grogginess and grumpiness, I had felt was replaced by the pure joy of hearing such beautiful notes and seeing this sweet couple fly off together.  His soulful courting ignited my joy!

May our joy spread to others and bring

unlimited possibilities of

hope and peace.

Reflection: The last two days have given me the opportunity to observe the power of joy.  Waking without joy on one day and waking to joy the next was a shift from darkness to light from humdrum to jubilation. Yesterday, after a rather gloomy beginning to the day, I was gifted a glorious experience with the birds.  I chose to accept the gift and honor it with an open, grateful heart. Once I chose happiness, everything that followed was uplifting because I had welcomed joy.     

Everywhere I have looked today, there was something or someone in which to rejoice

  • from my morning revelation
  • to beaming at the glorious orchid gifted to me by my friend Ali, (photo adjacent)
  • to discovering a beautiful native vine growing in a vacant lot,
  • to friendly dogs wagging their tails at me while their owners smiled with great pride and delight,
  • to loving texts and emails from friends and family,
  • to my sweetheart Ernie arriving with a luscious hot enchilada casserole for lunch,
  • to listening to the music of  Tony Joe White,
  • to watching the rain and reveling in its ability to resurrect plants,
  • to sitting here now, sharing the joys with you.

Conclusion: Joy awaits our conscious choosing and welcome, once in our hearts, joy builds on itself and brings us the added gift of peace.  We can be the creators of our own joy and that of others.  Playing the piano, didgeridoo and gong all bring me great joy.  When I play for others, my joy is magnified by theirs.  Sharing joy strengthens it for all involved. When I experience and share joy, my heart is open and filled with peace. 

Your turn: How is this practice working for you? What brought you joy today?  What would you do to choose joy even when you don't feel it?  What joy might you create to share with another?


[1] “Today I wake with joy, expecting but the happy things of God to come to me.” – A course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 285.

Jean Victor Balin Dove


Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves

to recognize how good things really are.”

- Marianne Williamson



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Photo of Orchid from my friend, Ali.