Choosing Peace

Choosing Peace BY DONNA DAY © 2022

This week’s Peace Nurturing Practice is Choosing Peace. The practice is so simple it might seem silly, but its power and effectiveness shine through its simplicity.  We consciously choose thoughts, words, and actions based on their likelihood to bring peace to ourselves and others.  Peace becomes our pathfinder. 

Not certain about a course of action?  Is it peaceful?  Might it leave us feeling rushed and overwhelmed?  Our minds, (definitely mine), are willing and able to push for one more thing when stopping would be the peaceful choice.  It's easy to tell when we succeed at this practice because of how we feel which is more serene, centered, and calm.

Whenever we feel, hear, or see ourselves in a tizzy and acting out of fear, judgments, anger, false pride, or a sense of unworthiness, we choose to remember the power of STOP!

Stillness Transmits Only Peace

After we stop whatever we were doing that was not calm or serene, we hold our minds and bodies still, place our hands on our hearts, and slowly breathe in peace.  Then we let go of whatever darkness has arisen by expelling it  from our body on the out breath.  We let it float away into the meaninglessness it is.  We choose peace.


Peace is natural

Peace is possible

Peace is mine


Whenever it is


I desire


Reflection – A dear friend texted me a few days back to request that we not meet as we had planned on that day because: “the day feels too crowded.”   

I replied, “Of course, there will be another, better day.”

It was her simple, wise request which inspired me to write about choosing peace today.  Her choice impacted herself and me as it led us to agree on a harmonious decision. 

Looking back, I realized that through her choice, she exemplified two of the Guiding Principles of Venice Peace Project, a group dedicated to promoting the awareness of peace. (She and I have been part of this group for several years.)  Here are the Guiding Principles she employed in her sage choice not to try to do "one more thing!"

  • Anything and everything we do must feel peaceful or we choose not to do it.

My friend chose peace and invited me to join her in leaving time to breathe.  This is an important one for me because my default, much of my life has been to do "one more thing..."  

  • We take responsibility for our inner peace.

My friend took responsibility for her inner peace through her choice and invited me to join her in her peaceful decision. 


Here’s what I wrote in my journal later that evening: “Peace has reigned in my heart and mind today because of (my friend's) choice.  Rather than sticking to a “plan,” serenity was all either of us wanted.  As a result of our mutual decision, I took the time to sit in silence after chanting OM 7 times. It's a practice I find most calming and serene and shall do more often. When finished chanting and sitting in silence, I looked up and was transfixed by the sight of a hummingbird in my back yard on the Coral Honeysuckle. What a blessing!  Today, has been a day of gentleness and tranquility and it all began when we chose peace.” 

I wish you the blessings of choosing peace, dear Reader and Friend. 


Your turn – Take a moment now, breathe in and out slowly, thoughtfully.  Visualize how you can make your life more peaceful and serene.  What will you stop doing?  What will you start doing?  Let yourself imagine what it might feel like when you choose peace.  Even if you only have two minutes available at this time, choose peace, savor its blessings, and know you can, and will, return to choose peace again and again.


Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth by nurturing peace in your heart, in your life.  The more that you embody peace, the more peace there is.


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Jean Victor Balin Dove



There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you.

The criterion is:

Have they brought you inner peace?"

- Peace Pilgrim









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