Silence BY DONNA DAY © 2022

Today's Peace Nurturing Practice is silence.

Since we know thoughts of judgment can arise instantaneously, we choose silence in response to words of anger, forgoing defensiveness and/or our own anger.  Choosing silence instead is a safe space where we are less likely to add to the fear of the person in front of us. It’s where we “turn down the volume.”

We choose as few words as possible and deliberately, meticulously select only loving, peaceful words to express ourselves.  By screening out, eliminating words of judgment and condemnation, we free ourselves and others to be the love and kindness we came to be.

Silence gives us time to breathe, reflect, and restore our own equilibrium.  If words worthy of being spoken arise, we speak.  If not, we maintain silence.  We wait until we can speak words imbued with compassion, love, hope, and peace.

We greet this day with delight knowing silence is a source and nurturer of peace. 

Reflection:  Sometimes the silence we need most is our own.  Today was like that for me.  Inner noise plagued me with nonsense.  “You know you did that wrong.”  “Why can’t you remember that name?”  “When will you get it done?”  

As each opportunity to choose again arose, I chose inner silence.  I placed my hand on my heart and sent love to myself, which I desperately needed.  Slowly, silently I breathed in peace and breathed out love. As it turned out, I silently breathed a great deal of peace today.  Delighted to say, it worked! The serene silence was its own reward, in it I could hear birds and an inner hum (OM) of tranquility.  “Quiet is peace.”

Your turn: Focus on choosing silence today instead of responding to discord with more of the same.  Choose to use calm and kind words.  Later reflect on how your practice of silence has impacted your day and your inner peace.  Did it affect others? 

Building Peace Power takes commitment and practice:  Review and use this practice for the following week or select another of the practices that you prefer.  You may wish to create your own Peace Nurturing practice.  If you do, and are willing,  please share it with me via the comments section below.  Than you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth. 


Jean Victor Balin Dove



"True silence is the rest of the mind;

it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body,

nourishment, and refreshment." 

- William Penn