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Sanctuary of Peace, a collection of poems and related photographs, offers readers insights, inspiration, and guidance on living a peaceful life. The author and photographer, Donna Day, states: “Inner peace is a priceless gift. It is one we give ourselves. No one else can hand it to us. We must desire, nurture, breathe, and focus on it. We must value peace beyond wealth, fame, power or glory. This book reflects a life spent focused on peace. May your journey through these pages bring you home to peace.”   LEARN ABOUT THE BOOK'S IMAGES


“What a beautiful book! Sanctuary of Peace fills my heart with such peace I want to read it over and over again. Beautiful photos. Inspiring words. A gift for your heart.” - Ruth Fishel, author of inspirational books including Time for Peace, Time for Joy, Time for Me, Living Light as a Feather, Wrinkles Don’t Hurt, and The Journey Within.

“Through gentle words and serene photographs, Donna captures the reader’s heart and lovingly carries it to place of peace. Beautifully inspiring, a book to reread often, as well as share with loved ones.” – Diane Carr, author of Freedom's Dragonflight, and River Dragon.

What a joy Sanctuary of Peace is to read. Peace pilgrim Donna Day offers us a beautiful refuge in this era of uncertainty. The photographs remind us that all beings on this planet are our brothers and sisters. - Fran Palmeri, author of Florida Lost and Found.

Donna’s book, Sanctuary of Peace, is a wonderful breath of fresh air into a peaceful sanctuary...a mini retreat for the mind and soul as we wander through her wonderful photo gallery and inspired writings. Her words “peace is not of the past or future, it is here now...” we experience with every page of this creatively written little gem. I encourage everyone to take this delightful journey into Donna’s world with her as your guide.... you won’t regret it. - Ann Potter.

“Glorious photos, deeply stirring words. Joy is the result. Thank you.” - Sandy Bierig.

Sanctuary of Peace
Sanctuary of Peace
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