Affirmation BY DONNA DAY © 2022

Today's Peace Nurturing Practice is an affirmation:

Peace is shining in me now

It’s a modification of one of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles. Those words are written on a gorgeous oil painting of a sunset at the beach. The painting hangs in my living room so I see it frequently and am reminded that the peace I so desire is here now, whenever I choose it.  The painting was a gift from a talented artist/friend, Sheila Storms.

This morning when I awoke, I was totally relaxed and peaceful, having just heard those words being “spoken” within my consciousness.  Since this affirmation presented itself as a gift, it feels right to pass on this blessing as our Peace Nurturing Practice today.

The words serve as a reminder of a goal and a confirmation of the Truth:  peace is always within us.  Sometimes it may be hidden.  If so, it is up to us to remove the obstacles in our minds which keep us from feeling, knowing, and being peace.

Let’s start now and place our hands on our hearts and begin breathing out with a sigh and then in and out slowly.  We listen to our breath and feel the air filling and emptying our bellies, then coming in and out of our lungs. We focus on our breath, nothing else.  After 3 long, slow deep breaths in and out, we begin breathing normally and silently affirm: Peace is shining in me now, on the in breath and releasing all that is not peaceful on our out breath.  Repeat the affirmation breathing 5 times as well. Our peace is worth the 2 minutes this takes!

A few tips on this practice: placing our hands on our hearts is very important: it’s a physical clue to our bodies to shift from functioning solely in our minds to dropping down into our wise, loving hearts where healing and transformation take place.

Today we affirm as frequently as practical and helpful:  Peace is shining in me now.  While doing so, let’s place our hands on our hearts and discover the peace and power of focusing from our hearts, the home of Love.

As I affirm, Peace is shining in me now,  I am totally serene.  My inner peace radiates outward to encompass all. 

Reflection: Any time I felt or observed myself out of peace, out of sorts today, I placed my hands on my heart, took 3 long,  slow deep breaths in and out and then affirmed: Peace is shining in me now.  This  affirmation can return me to sanity, love, and peace almost immediately.  It is my sincere desire that it works for you as well.

Your turn: Focus on the affirmation,  Peace is shining in me now and use it throughout the day whenever you notice yourself unpeaceful or upset.  If you prefer, write your own or choose another peace affirmation that works better for you. Later reflect on how this practice impacts you and your day.  Did the affirmation help you stay more peaceful?   Is there anything you will change when you use it again?  Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth. 

Building Peace Power takes commitment and practice:  Review and use this practice for the following week or select another of the practices that you prefer.  You may wish to create your own Peace Nurturing practice.  If you do, and are willing,  please share it with me via the comments section below. 

Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth. 


Jean Victor Balin Dove


Peace is shining

in me