Connection BY DONNA DAY © 2022

This Peace Nurturing Practice is about connection.

We look for, discover, and honor connections in our lives.  For example: We look beneath the surface of our morning milk, juice, coffee or tea to recognize the basis of the luscious liquid we are enjoying was grown by someone, processed by someone, packaged by someone, transported by someone, and sold by someone. Thanks to those many “others” connected to us through our morning beverage, we can not only enjoy the liquid, we can cherish our interdependence with these important people.

Going outside we come face to face with a fly, ant, or other insect and see not a nuisance, but a fellow being doing her/his best to survive and care for his/her family just as we do. Insects help us in many ways including pollinating plants and recycling dead trees.  As we recognize our common ground with insects and their importance in our world, we begin to cherish our connection with them.

We wave and speak to our neighbors and to friends we haven't met yet as they walk past.  These simple exchanges remind of our connection to and gratitude for them as well.

Once we start looking, we realize we are connected to everything and everyone in some way.  Our world is a series of relationships, of joining, and of collaboration.

Let’s take a moment now to honor our connection to all.

Thank you, Mother Earth, for sustaining and enriching our lives.  Thank you, families, friends, and fellow humans everywhere for making our lives possible and enriching them with your kindnesses and compassion.  Thank you, dear animal friends, for your presences in our lives and the joy you bring us.  Thank you, plants for giving us air to breathe, beauty to savor and food to nourish us.  Thank you to all beings on Earth for enriching our lives through your service and love.

May our presences bring joy and peace to your lives as well.  We are one in the tapestry of life. Each of us is one part of the whole. 

In honoring our connection to all beings, our oneness with all, may we become the peace we seek.

Reflection: My friend and I were in the garden when she spotted a dead mouse in my backyard nestled under a bush and surrounded by leaves.  We talked of options for “dealing with the mouse.”  On a day of focusing on connections, the only option was for me to offer our fellow being, the wee mouse, a burial and blessing.  While digging the hole for our little friend, my friend and I realized we would be like the mouse one day and prayed that our bodies might serve other beings or the Earth just as this little mouse’s body was going to do.  While I buried her, I thanked her for her service to the world while living.  We blessed her on her journey.

Never in my life have I felt closer to a mouse than today.  I am grateful for this practice which has expanded my horizons and enriched my life. By the time we finished our ceremony for our wee friend, the mouse, I felt totally peace-filled.

Your turn: Begin by looking for, discovering, and honoring all the connections in your life.  Reflect on how this practice of looking for common ground/relationship with others impacts your day and your inner peace. 

Building Peace Power takes commitment and practice:  Review and use this practice for the following week or select another of the practices that you prefer.  You may wish to create your own Peace Nurturing practice.  If you do, and are willing,  please share it with me via the comments section below. 

Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth. 


Jean Victor Balin Dove

All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.
- Swami Vivekananda