Acceptance II

Acceptance II

Why revisit acceptance? Because it is a prerequisite for peace. Both acceptance and peace require practice.  As we continue focusing on and practicing peace while accepting our bouts of anxiety and distress, we change; thought by thought, breath by breath through wanting peace more than judgment and contention.

When we resist something our entire being is tight and closed off like a little child’s mouth clamped shut against some dreaded food. Eventually the babe’s mouth will open and the little one will eat something.  In the meantime, unfortunately for the child, her/his body is tense and unable to receive and share laughter, joy, or peace.

As adults we have more choice over what we eat, but not necessarily about what is happening with our bodies, our communities, and our world.  We can stomp our feet and holler all we want, but it won’t make hair grow where we want it, neighbors to play the music we prefer,  County Commissioners to put a hold on all development or the world to be peaceful.  Like the little child, we can cut ourselves off from peace unless and until we choose to accept what is happening, not necessarily like it, but accept it.

There are always invitations and opportunities to point fingers at ourselves and others, to play the “Why am I such a mess?” or “My group is better than your group” games.  We can put tremendous energy into blame and “ain’t it awful” and unwittingly create misery!  In essence, we forget our Divine nature and choose judgments of ourselves and others over peace.


We can choose to accept ourselves, others, and our world just as we are with our blemishes, preferences, and quirks while simultaneously holding the vision of and working towards a world in which we all remember our oneness and therefore treat ourselves and others with respect and kindness.   We can choose to be sources of loving acceptance, compassion, and peace. I am not saying this is easy.  I am saying it is part of walking the path of peace.

These words on acceptance came through me in meditation:

Your goal is peace.  We start there.  Always keep your profound desire for peace in your awareness. As is stated in ACIM – “The peace of God is my only goal.”  From that goal the acceptance of your humanity flows naturally.  The awareness of your Divinity flows naturally as you pursue the path of peace.  The desire to nurture and allow greater peace within requires great healing through removal of all that no longer serves.  Such healing allows greater inner Light, greater clarity, greater compassion, greater awareness of oneness.  The process of choosing peace again and again, choosing love again and again creates an inner state of greater Light and a clearer  connection to Divine Light.  You each are part of the Divine, are Divine, through seeking peace you create a state in which your Divine nature is revealed.  It was always there within your humanness.  Acceptance of your humanity allows you to be gentle and kind with yourself and acceptance of your Divine Nature allows a deeper and clearer connection to Divine Love.

These words of Thich Nhat Hahn inspire me to self acceptance:

"To be beautiful means to be yourself.

You don't need to be accepted by others.

You need to accept yourself"

Thich Nhat Hanh

Reflection – Acceptance has been in my consciousness for some time, so it feels good to be reflecting on my current relationship with acceptance, knowing full well that every time I think I have learned a lesson, it eventually comes back for review and further healing.

As part of my early training, I was taught to evaluate myself after every gathering, event, situation and discover where I messed up, what I did wrong.  Ostensibly, the idea was to help me do better.  Unfortunately, it turned out what I learned was to review the earlier event and pinpoint my errors which left me feeling not good enough, and trying to be “perfect.”

As an adult,  I realized perfectionism was most debilitating and exhausting and so have been releasing it bit by bit. I am happy to say that while I have not been able to give up my perfectionism perfectly, I have been able to decide to accept my  lack of perfection and laugh at myself.  I remember the day when it occurred to me God was probably laughing at me, at how silly and absurd I can be. Then it occurred to me if God could laugh at me, so could I!

When it comes to judging others, I am delighted to say my interest is nothing like it was mostly because I feel lousy after playing judge and jury about my fellow beings.  When I feel disturbed by another's behavior, especially cruelty, I have come to find more solace and peace in sending love and light to that person rather than sending smug judgments which will change nothing.  By sending love to another whose behavior I do not find honorable, I am doing something that can help us both and bring more Light and Love into our world.

The more I laugh and love, the more peaceful I feel.  May it be so for you as well.

Your turn to reflect – Are there areas in your life where you could be more accepting of yourself and feel more peaceful as a result?  Where might you start?   Are there times you judge others?  Do you feel peaceful after such judgements?

Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth by nurturing peace in your heart, in your life.  The more that you embody peace, the more peace there is.

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Jean Victor Balin Dove




If you want peace, accept.

If you want suffering, expect.

Maxime Lagace






I chose this photo of  Pennyroyal because its splendorous beauty is not always apparent from a distance, especially when it’s not in bloom. One might look and only discern a green blob and judge it to be boring. However, upon close inspection, one can smell, appreciate, and accept its magnificence whether it’s in bloom or not. (It’s in the mint family, thus the smell is quite delightful.)




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