Mother Nature

Mother Nature by Donna Day © 2022

Our Peace Nurturing Practice this week is Mother Nature.

Ever since I could navigate on my own, I’ve savored being surrounded and enfolded in the sounds and sights of Mother Nature.  My Grandma and Grandpa’s place was my favorite because I could walk on my own from their farm into the “back woods,” my beloved sanctuary. I spent hours there wandering and gazing at plants, flowers, insects, and the large, old Bur and Red oak trees.  Sometimes, I simply sat and listened. Over time, I began to recognize the mysterious sounds as coming from “pals” including cardinals, frogs, and beetles. 

While I don’t live anywhere near my Grandparents farm now, I continue to seek refuge in the balm of Mother Nature because I feel so open, free, connected, and peaceful there. Some of my favorite places are beaches, woods, swamps, and prairies.

Perhaps you find the same settings I do peaceful, but maybe not. Some of us prefer lakes or mountains or looking at photos of Mother Nature or simply walking outside and looking at clouds.   Seeking solace in natural settings is not about rules, but about finding the place or places that fill your heart and bring you serenity.

Part of the joy and peace of Mother Nature is experiencing relationships with other species.  Our communications flow automatically as we drop from our minds to our hearts in communion with birds, flowers, water, clouds, dragonflies, trees, or other beings.  Our time in nature blesses us with the experience of being fully present and peaceful.


When I choose to spend time

In Mother Nature,

the more peaceful I feel,

and the more

I am Peace


Reflection:  As mentioned, I’ve always loved being in the woods and some years ago began to become aware of the impact natural settings have on my body.  While approaching a beach, woods, or other natural space, I have observed my shoulders relax. I also noticed myself sighing and grinning, and beginning to take deeper, longer breaths; my mind and body simply letting go into serenity.

Yesterday I was at the beach with my friend, Pam, where we filled our souls with joy, gratitude, and peace. The sounds of the water served as a lullaby soothing our hearts.  Walking barefoot on the beach allowed us the blessing of feeling connected to Mother Earth while the sand gently caressed our feet. Looking south we saw the melding of water and sand blending with majestic clouds which rose above all proclaiming peaceful power. (photo accompanies this post)  To the west, we saw the Gulf of Mexico, and to the east we saw Sabal palms, Sea grapes, sand, and Sea turtle nests. No matter the direction in which we looked, the sounds of waves gently coming ashore and back out again, soothed our hearts.  We were home in peace.

This morning’s walk brought me to a nearby neighborhood with many old oak and pine trees.  I love walking there because of the energy of the trees and how good I feel being near them.  Suddenly, I stopped transfixed by the sight of silent shimmering leaves dappled with sunlight. As I stood drinking in the scene, I heard bird song and discovered a lone Mockingbird performing a lengthy, joyful melody of sounds.  None of the sounds meant anything to my mind, but, OH… how they filled my soul with joy!  As my new Mockingbird friend sang each note, my heart expanded and expanded.  His song created pathway of sound uniting we two as one, joining us in peace.


Your Turn:  Do you have a place or places of peace in nature?  What is it about these places that bring you peace?  Do you notice difference in your body as you come near a park or preserve?  Do you want to incorporate more of the joy and peace of Mother Nature in your life?  How might you do that?


Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth by nurturing peace in your heart and in your life.  The more that you embody peace, the more peace there is.


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Jean Victor Balin Dove





“Nature's peace

will flow into you as

sunshine flows into trees.

 The winds will blow their own freshness into you,

and the storms their energy,

while cares will

drop away from you

like the leaves of Autumn.”

- John Muir






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