Meditation on Love

Meditation on Love BY DONNA DAY © 2022

Our Peace Nurturing Practice this week is a Meditation on Love.

Yes, we have focused on meditation before and will again because it is a powerful tool for bringing us home to peace.  Meditations can focus on different topics: sometimes soothing is needed, other times we might seek clarity, or forgiveness, or connection or simply inner silence.  The meditation included this week contemplates Love and its power to transform worries, hurts, anger, fear, and other gunk into the welcoming arms of peace.

A daily practice of exercise strengthens our bodies; similarly, a daily practice of meditation strengthens our Peace Power.  In our enthusiasm to be more peaceful, let’s take a gentle approach and avoid being a “Mrs. Harsh[1]” with ourselves about meditating daily. Let’s simply agree to do our best and congratulate ourselves when we do meditate.  For both activities, there comes a point, an ah-ha moment, at which they become self-perpetuating because we feel so much better.

Find a time and space that work for you for meditating.  When I wake up, I meditate before getting out of bed.  Later in the day, I like sitting on the floor in front of my meditation table, lying on the floor or lying on the ground under a tree.  Some folks prefer sitting on a chair or cushion.  What sounds best to you?  Experiment until you find what is right for you. 

The practice is simple: we focus on bringing love into ourselves through visualizing breathing in love, feeling it pour into us, and then breathing out all that no longer serves us.  We allow this love to flow freely filling every part of our bodies with liquid love. 

We become sources of both love and the inevitable peace which it generates. We feel our connection to all and desire only to share love.  No longer do we cling to rules or judgments because only peace and love flow from our grateful hearts.

When you are ready, find yourself a quiet space in which to meditate.  Once you are settled, click  on this link and treat yourself to an infusion of Love and Peace. When you are finished, simply click the back button to return and continue reading:

Come back to this page any time you wish to Meditate on Love.

[1] Mrs. Harsh appears in another of the Peace Nurturing Practices in the Reflection section:


Reflection: Lately my right hip has been sending distress signals through some discomfort so sitting at my table for more than a few minutes was out of the question.  I love lying down to meditate too, but don’t have much natural padding so I gathered some pillows and made myself a meditation cocoon.  I really like the solution I used:  I started by sitting on the floor in front of the table for a few minutes while reading “Be Here Now,” by Ram Dass. Then, I laid down in the cocoon for the meditation.  It was perfect for me. I will do it again! 

One wonderful addition to the practice of meditation is to wear a special scarf or some other piece of clothing reserved just for your meditations.  In time you may discover, the scarf or whatever you have chosen holds powerful energy from the love and peace generated over time.  I use a shawl with the colors of the rainbow on it and absolutely love it!  This wonderful idea comes from Jo Mooy and Patricia Cockrill who have hosted Meditations for 16 years in SW Florida.

The image for this post is of a precious little shell I discovered when walking the beach with my friend, Ali.  I love looking at it because it reminds me, we are not here to seek love, we are here to BE love - just like the shell.  May this practice aid you in experiencing and enhancing the love and peace that you are. 


Your turn:  How did the Meditation on Love work for you?  Does it feel more natural and powerful, the more often you do it?  Would you make any changes to the meditation?


Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth by nurturing peace in your heart, in your life.  The more that you embody peace, the more peace there is.


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Jean Victor Balin Dove


As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. 

You’re not thinking about loving,

you’re just being love,

radiating like the sun.”

Ram Dass









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