Create conditions for Peace


We can cultivate and create conditions for peace by rowing downstream and choosing peace in every moment.[1] Rather than paddling frantically upstream by clinging to fear of what might be, we can expect our next conversation, outing, or whatever comes to be peaceful.  Let’s commit to serenity by affirming:

“Peace is my goal and my responsibility.

May peace be my guide in all I think, say, and do.”

It is pointless to focus on what we expect or demand of another for our “peace” because inner peace is our responsibility.  No one else can hand it to us, nurture it for us, or create it for us.  We can respect when another is meditating and hold silence or move to another space, and ask others to do the same for us, but responsibility for inner peace lies solely on our own shoulders.

It is ours to look within and reflect on what conditions are optimal for peace for us and focus solely on the conditions within ourselves:

“What can I do in this moment to feel and act more in alignment with peace? 

  • Would deep breathing help?
  • How about humming?
  • Might I remove myself from this space and simply walk?”
  • Place my hand on my heart?
  • Play a musical instrument?

We can create the conditions for peace by both expecting peace and reflecting on what we might need to change within ourselves in order to experience more peace.  For example:  if I think about my upcoming visit with someone with whom I have felt friction in the past and say to myself, “This is going to be hard.  He will probably say something derogatory about me and I won’t stand for it.  I will tell him what I think of his mean words!” I have set myself up for misery rather than peace by expecting and planning for discord. 

A more productive inner dialogue could be, “I know I have been uncomfortable around X before, but that was because I helped create my own misery by anticipating the conversation would be unpleasant.  This time, I will create a space within myself for peace by expecting and planning to be peaceful.  It does not matter what he says or doesn’t say because my goal is peace.  If he says I am silly or overbearing or whatever, I will say, ‘Thank you for letting me know.’  My peace is more important than what he thinks of me.”  

No one else can hand us peace or create the conditions for our inner peace, it is ours to do.  So how do we create the conditions for inner peace? We choose thoughts, words, expectations, and visualizations that feel peaceful.







Reflections – “We take responsibility for our inner peace.” That simple, direct, and powerful statement is one of the Guiding Principles of Venice Peace Project, a group dear to my heart[2].  Once I accepted total responsibility for my own peace, everything changed. No longer could I hide behind excuses or attribute my misery to others. 

Looking back, I remember two examples of how I dealt with uncomfortable emotions/lack of peace as a kid.  First, from an early age, my solution was to stomp my feet.  It was a great tension reliever until I reached an age where it became too painful to be effective and it just plain hurt!  As a preteen I perfected “the piano release,” which consisted of practicing pieces I was learning at maximum volume by pounding on the keys.  It worked wonders for me but was not welcomed by Mother at all!

Now, as an adult, I have strengthened my technique of sitting in silence and waiting for the “small still voice” of inner guidance. This is easier said than done, but is definitely powerful and effective.  It just takes repeated practice.  When listening for the voice or creating the inner conditions for peace, I sit with my eyes closed, listen, and wait knowing that by holding my inner space uncluttered with thoughts or words, I will once again hear from the voice and/or from that same inner chamber of my being and feel the serenity I desire.  I know there is an element of faith required so I sit until my inner space is ready. Some days that takes longer than others, but if I wait, knowing it will happen, it does. 

I also know, Peace is mine to create


Your turn to reflect

[1] You may wish to refer to our earlier post on Choosing Peace.

[2] I am the founder of Venice Peace Project


Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth by nurturing peace in your heart, in your life.  The more that you embody peace, the more peace there is.

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Jean Victor Balin Dove




“Every breath we take,

every step we make,

can be filled with

peace, joy and serenity.”

—Thich Nhat Hanh









Photo of Snowy Egret by Donna Day taken at Caspersens

I chose this image because Egrets symbolize self-reliance.

They do not expect others to create the conditions they wish.







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