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This Peace Nurturing Practice is meditation.

Meditation may sound formal, fussy, or simply too much.  We may say, “I’m too busy to meditate!”  Strange as it may sound to our busy, worried selves, taking 2 or 3 minutes to stop doing, stop thinking, stop planning, stop the inner commentary, and simply be is incredibly restorative and peaceful.  Those few minutes of meditation bless us with greater calm and clarity.

Meditation does not require a special place or equipment; it merely requires our willingness to show up and try.  It calls on us to adopt an attitude of “I can do this!” There are no rules, simply guidelines that can be useful.  Best of all:  You cannot meditate wrong! 

I started meditating when I was a teenager, not because my life was perfect and peaceful, but because it wasn’t. I soon discovered turning off all the outer and inner noise and activity brought me respite, moments of peace, so I continued to this day.   I’m approaching my 77th year so have had enough practice to assure you, meditation works to bring more peace into one’s life. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some days we don’t reach the serenity we seek; it does mean that with continued practice, day after day, we can, and do, relax into the peace.

Especially at first, there may be days we don’t reach inner quiet and serenity; these are the times that require determination and hope.  Rather than give up in disgust, we choose to congratulate ourselves for showing up and trying.  As we do show up, day after day, we eventually find our own rhythm, our own way of reaching the place of peace within us.

Your willingness to keep on showing up and meditating the best that you can each day is all that matters.  Let’s try it now… Find yourself a quiet space in which to begin.  When you are ready, click Play on the MEDITATE WITH ME file (it's under the image of the Dove) and treat yourself to a Pause for Peace!  Come back to this page any time you wish to meditate.

Reflection:  Dear friends in Peace, it was your comments and concerns about achieving peace within the “daily grind” that helped me recognize how fundamental meditation has been to my inner peace and to millions of others.  You inspired the sharing of this practice today, Barb. Thank you. 

As I mentioned, I have been meditating for many years now and what I notice most are the rare days when I don’t meditate.  Why?  Because those days turn out like this:  I feel yucky and agitated inside.  I try to force calmness, rather than experiencing it. Those days prove to me why I want to keep meditating every day:  I want to feel peaceful every day! 

Quick fix:  No time or opportunity to meditate right?  Simply put your hand on your heart, breathe in and out as slowly and peacefully as you can.  It helps!

Your turn:  How did the practice of meditation work for you today?  Did it bring you a time of inner serenity?  If so, keep it up and your moments of serenity will become longer through practice.  If not, try again tomorrow.  Did you try the quick fix?  Did it help?  

You truly can’t meditate wrong.  Inner peace awaits your willingness to show up and try day after day.  You’ve got this!      

Thank you for being a vital part of Peace on Earth.

P.S.  For more meditations, I highly recommend the free meditation app:  Insight Timer

Jean Victor Balin Dove


“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”

-Ajahn Brahm