Profusion of Joy

Dear Friend in Peace,

When Ernie and I arrived at Tiger Creek, one of our favorite places in Florida, we were greeted by this stunning adult Red-headed woodpecker in the parking lot.

After leaving our new friend, we wandered hither and yon in a profusion of joy.  Spotting and admiring this avian greeter set the rhythm for our exploration that day which was simply: stop, savor, feel the life around you, connect to the wind, trees, plants, water, and clouds with your heart while looking to discover another fellow being.  When you do, greet that being with this welcome: "Good morning.  Thank you for allowing me to see you and enjoy your magnificence."

One of the "must sees" for us are Sandhill and Longleaf pine/wiregrass habitats.  Below is a photo of Ernie soaking in the splendor before him.  We love going to this particular spot. There is a bench nearby where we always stop and sit in grateful silence as our hearts fill with joy and peace. Once complete with soaking in the view, we move from one "perfect" spot to another and then another and yet another, each feeling slightly more "perfect" than the other until we awaken to the truth:  it is all splendor, all perfect, and all of it brings us home to peace.

Nature never fails to delight with marvels. Both days we were there, we saw this magnificent Bald Eagle(Haliaeetus leucocephalus) perched on high like a regal sentinel. 

This photo of the Bald Eagle is not zoomed in and shows his perch atop a dead Pine tree. The nearby nest appeared to be empty.


We spent a great deal of time in the swamp next to the creek itself. Ernie was enraptured listening to and learning bird calls while I sat and looked, listened and absorbed all within view of my eyes and heart.



Two precious water-loving plants are pictured here. Shown on the left is a long-time favorite of mine, Pickerelweed – (Pontederia cordata). It’s often seen from afar around wetlands. I really enjoyed looking closely at this amazing combination of textures, colors, and shapes. To me it is simply exquisite! Shown on the right here is Lizard’s tail – (Saururus cernuua) The shape is beguiling and intriguing to me.

The final shot is of the creek for which the preserve is named. If you look closely at the log on the left, there is an alligator stretched out in the sun. The creek is high-quality blackwater seepage stream which drains wetlands. When dried leaves and other vegetation fall into the creek, they color the water which then is said to look like the stripes of a tiger.

To learn more about this place of great natural beauty and treasures and the marvelous organization which manages it and many other wonderful natural sites around the world, go to: 






Experience the splendor of fellow beings

Honor their magnificence

Become Peace