Okefenokee Joy

Dear Friends in Peace,

Ernie and I spent late October to early November 2022 savoring the blessings of our Mother Earth in the remote and magnificent Okefenokee Swamp. The photos highlight a few of the joys of our trip to this serene, remote paradise.

While there, rather than writing, I spent time reviewing and practicing as guided in my blog Peace Nurturing Practices. Some that spoke to my heart and have strengthened my Peace Practice are Silence, Gentleness, Mother Nature, Laughter, and Hope. I love revisiting practices because it strengthens my Peace Power. May they be of value to you as well.

Nature is our nurture. Enjoy the serene majesty!

A cove where Ernie and I sat and absorbed the majesty and peace of Mother Nature.

Two White ibis in front of Cypress tree whose leaves are changing from green to brown.

Suwannee River originates in the Okefenokee Swamp - glorious to paddle!

Another space where Ernie and I sat in our boat and allowed the serene splendor to be absorbed into our bones. The yellow flowers are Tickseed sunflower (Bidens aristosa).