Joyous Delight

Dear Friend in Peace,

Carlton Reserve is a favorite haunt of mine; it never fails to bring joy to my heart.  A recent walk there with my friend Joannie was no exception.  We heard clamorous cries and then she spotted a young Red-Shouldered Hawk high in a nearby Pine tree.  Excitement and gratitude filled our hearts as we watched this precious little feathered being calling for its parents to return with lunch.  Mama did appear with food and sat in the nest with the little as you can see in one of the photos below. In the final image the Red-shouldered hawk is about ready to take flight looking far more mature and confident than in the previous photo.  While we did not see the initial flight, we continue to see the youngster hanging around the tree where it was born.  My poem speaks to our joy at being witnesses to one of Mother Nature's miracles.