Beholding the Infinite

Dear Friend in Peace,

Joy comes in many forms.  Nature fills my heart with grateful delight. Water and beaches are bliss to me.  Exploring Cape Cod with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons was exhilarating.  The Cape is rich with natural beauty due in great part to the wisdom of the United States in protecting beaches, salt marshes, ponds, and uplands through the designation of National Seashore.  The state and local communities also have also protected and preserved dunes, beaches, ponds, and salt marshes. In this post, I share with you some of the splendor of our time together there.

The first 4 photos are from a nameless part of the National Seashore that we nicknamed "Great Beach" because it is so majestic.  Entering the water we felt as if we truly could walk into the sky.  It was mesmerizingly beautiful.  The 4th photo  is a result of my fascination with the patterns in the sand and with the seaweed which attached itself to rocks of various sizes. The combination of the constantly changing patterns and waving seaweed created a world of wonder.

I included two photos of a bullfrog we heard and then saw while at the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.  The first photo shows the bullfrog at rest.  In the second photo, the difference in his throat is noticeable and a clue as to what we were hearing at the time.

Photo 7 highlights a salt marsh and the amazing clouds overhead.  The final image is from my younger grandson's favorite spot on the Cape: Long Pond.

May you find joy and peace in these reminders of Mother Nature's serene grandeur.


Beholding the Infinite





Called forth by

your endless light and beauty


We gently, slowly, step




by Donna Day © 2023