Divine Enchantment

Dear Friend in Peace,

Revisiting precious places offers the joy of anticipation plus the mystery of the unknown.  When Ernie and I travelled to the Lake Wales Ridge area earlier this month, we made sure to revisit special places. One of our explorations was to Lake Arbuckle which is within the Arbuckle Tract of Lake Wales Ridge State Forest, an area covering 13,530 acres. We were gleefully grateful we did.

Upon approaching the Lake area of this vast tract, my eyes were drawn to an intriguing shape.  I was smitten and walked around this lovely Oak tree several times filling my heart with joy and my lungs with fresh oxygen from this beautiful being.  The photo on the left below was cropped to focus on splendor born of color, textures, and beguiling shapes. May it bring you peaceful delight.


I finally decided on this view of the Oak tree because it zooms in on the dancing branches and highlights the vibrant, peaceful colors.

Plants in Florida are often small, delicate, and hidden.  This Rose-rush (Lygodesmia aphylla) is a perfect example of a glorious plant tucked away and almost totally obscured from view by the surround Palmettos.

By the time we sighted this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio glaucus) atop a Pickerelweed plant (Pontederia cordata), we were already thoroughly engrossed in the marvelous beings around us.  What incredible good fortune to capture this moment, this look, this peaceful Divine enchantment!

At Lake Arbuckle, we saw many Fragrant waterlilies (Nymphaea ordorata).  I was taken by this one's beauty and the texture of the water surrounding it.  Waterlilies are such beautiful reminders of peace. Ernie and I stood and stared, becoming one with the water and plants. Next time you are near water, allow it to bring you home to peace as well.

Here is a close up view of the Rose-rush (Lygodesmia aphylla) which shows its delicate beauty and powerful presence.  The stem for this plant is very slender so it can appear to be a floating flower from a distance.  I love the combination of the colors green and violet to be soothing and peaceful and hope they are for you too.

This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly atop a Pickerelweed speaks volumes on hope, community, connectedness and the ever-present serenity that is ours for the choosing.  May we choose peace moment by moment.