About Me


Life is a series of transitions and discoveries. Mine has meandered through myriad directions and diverse adventures anchored to an abiding faith in Spiritual Source, a core desire for peace, and a profound love of nature.

As a child, nothing was more wonderful than to spend a day wandering alone in the woods photographing stones, bugs, and leaves. I kept a diary as a means of refining thoughts and expressing emotions. In time, the diary changed into a journal and poetry began to emerge.

Then came my “accidental” discovery of A Course in Miracles which has been my spiritual guidebook to healing and peace. Being a teacher granted me the joy of nurturing budding authors. Serving as a volunteer at Carlton Reserve and other precious natural lands has kept me connected to Mother Earth. My vision of peace flowing outward manifested when I founded Venice Peace Project.

Sanctuary of Peace
 melds my passions for peace, writing, and nature. May it bring you home to peace.

Yours in peace and love,
Donna Day